Orders May Be Called To Live Operators, 24 Hrs. A Day.  Or They May Be E-mailed or Placed Online Anytime.  

PHONE ORDERS:  24 hours of any day  call 1-561-793-5400 or 1-800-233-2330


NOTE: If Ordering BY PHONE Please Provide The Product Number And The Product's Name.


If Mailing An Order, Please Make Payment Out To: LIFE EXTENSION


                      BOX 10

 LOXAHATCHEE, FL  33470-0010


To Sent An Order by E-Mail:  [email protected]


To  Order by "Secure" Shopping Cart, click:  Order on line 


To Save On Shipping When Ordering Online: Be sure to pick all  your items  "before" hitting  "Add To Shopping Cart" Because If you hit  "Continue Shopping" afterwards, the Cart will treat it as a new order and ask for shipping again!


MEMBERS: After hitting  "Add To Shopping Cart" Enter Your Member No. (without spaces) on the summary page, in the Box  Marked "Discount Code"  and Click "Enter Discount Code"  Remember: If you do not click "Enter Discount Code" the system will not be able to compute your member discount.

Members should Note That: Products on the Inner Circle (Product numbers in the 800 series) are not subject to Member Discounts. Members asked us to do this rather than raise the price of these special hard to get products. 


PAYMENT: Checks, Money Orders,  And All Major Credit Cards Are Accepted.  Please  Give The  Complete  Card  Number, Exp. Date  & The  Last  3 Digits  Of  The  Number  In The  Signature Strip  On The Back  Of  The  Card  If  Asked.



UPS Ground  Shipping  Of  Any  Size  Or  Weight  Package,  is  only  $8.95 to anywhere Within the contiguous 48 United  States!    UPS Ground is obviously not available to AK, HI, PR, or Overseas.



BLUE LABEL There is really no need for anyone to pay extra for BLUE LABEL; Except, of course, if someone is waiting for a medication to treat Cancer or another serious ailment; and they live a few thousand miles from Florida. Even in that case they should only order 3 items or less,  because UPS BLUE LABEL has gotten VERY EXPENSIVE! Here are their charges:

UPS 2nd Day Air Is Only Available Within The Contiguous United States:

(1 To 3 Items $20.95; 4 To 7 Items $27.95;  8 to 11 Items $36.95, 12 To 15 Items $44.95, 16 To 30 Items $69.95, 31 To 50 Items $115.00.


Please  Give  A  Street  Address.  U.P.S. Cannot  Deliver  To  A  Post Office  Box!









Credit  Card Orders Ship  “Within”  72 Hrs. Depending on your location, It Takes UPS  2  To  10  Working  Days  From  The  Day Shipped, To Deliver Ground Packages. 



Orders With Checks  or Money  Orders On  U.S.  Banks Ship 2 To 6 Business Days From The Day Received, Even If  They Are To Be Shipped By Blue  Label.


TRACKING YOUR ORDER: Please tell us if you would like us to e-mail you your shipping and tracking information!. We do not save email addresses or send this information unless you specifically tell us to when placing your order. YOU MAY DO THIS IN THE COMMENT BOX






To Order on line, OR Sent an order by E-Mail:  [email protected]





Life Extension ships its products all over the world. The cost of shipping to locations other than the United States, depends solely on weight, distance and the insured value of the package.


As international shipping can be expensive, we find the least expensive way to ship and do not add a cent to the actual cost.


When you place an order from outside the United States, the shipping box will be blank indicating that the shipping fee has not yet been calculated!


We will notify you what the exact shipping fee will be via e-mail. If you agree with the shipping fee, you need do nothing at all. Your Order with the shipping fee calculated, will ship out to you in 48 hours.


If you feel the shipping fee is too high, and wish to cancel the order, simply e-mail us that information with the words: "CANCEL ORDER" in the subject line.


You may also e-mail us at: [email protected]BEFORE” placing an order online, for the 'Exact' Shipping Fee to your country, for a specific order. List which products, how many etc. and we will let you know what the shipping fee for that order will be. 



How  Long For  Packages Going  To  Other  Countries ? 


Depending on which Continent you live, it can take between 15 and 30 “Working Days” for a package to arrive at the 'Customs Department' of your Country. Then, it has to be 'Inspected' before it is 'Released' to the Postal Authorities in your City. 


This is true regardless of what is ordered, or what country it is ordered from. It is the policy of "your" Government  that  determines "How Long" it will take for a package to 'released'  to you.


While our products are generally permitted into most countries, there have been instances when a customs officer rejected a product that was permitted the day before. We have no way of knowing what the Customs Department of any country will permit a citizen to import.  It is recommended people ask their Customs Department if a particular product is "permitted" and how long it  may  take before it is released. 


If someone orders a product that their Country’s Customs Authorities will not let them have, the product is "USUALLY" sent back.  Once it arrives, we credit the charge for the products. But not the shipping cost. 


Sometimes a Customs Office will not return a package. We are unable to credit customers for products we ship and are not returned to us by their Country's Customs dept.


Thus, it is important to let your Customs Office know that if they are unwilling to let you have a specific product, that it be returned to the sender! 

When expecting an international package, it  is wise to:



1.  Tell your local  Post Office the date and how it was sent. Give them the receipt number. We will be pleased to provide all this information upon request.



2.  If your local  postal authorities do not have the package yet (and you waited long enough for them to have had it), ask them to contact Customs, and inquire when the package will be Released. They could also give you the number for Customs and you can contact them yourself.

Some  Countries  charge  an  import  tax  even  on  Medications  and Nutritional  Supplements,  which  are  non-taxable  in  the  U.S. 


Please Note: Such instances are very rare. We have  customers all over the world, who reorder the same products every month.

Life Extension conducts research into the causes of aging and age related illnesses and diseases. We inform the world of medical breakthroughs before they occur and we make the products that make you look, feel and actually "become" younger.


A few of the subjects and/or products, on our site, that you may have an interest in, are: Bacteria, Hair, Liver, Eyesight, Asthma, Body Building, Glaucoma, Fatigue, PMS, Prevention, Premature Balding, Pure Grade  Vitamins, Penis, Parkinson's Disease, Revitalize, Skin & Hair, Skin Blotches, Skin Disorders, Parasites.


To Order on line , Or Sent an order by E-Mail To: [email protected]


Why This Is The Very Best Buy


If you would like to know if you are getting the "best deal" for your nutritional dollar, and that the nutritional supplements you are taking are the best money can buy, here are a few things to look for. The first is:



Many companies offer what appears to be the same product in different quantities or dosages. They know most people won't compare dose, to tablet count to get the cost per tablet. i.e. A product for $27.95 has 315 (300 Mg.) tablets. Another has 180 (200 Mg.) tablets of the same thing for $13.49. Would you automatically know that the $27.95 bottle is a better buy?


It pays to multiply the number of tablets in a bottle by their dose to determine the total in the bottle; and divide the total into the bottle's price, to determine the actual cost per tablet. Next thing one should consider is:




The purity and grade of any nutritional supplement is an even more important consideration than price when comparing the true cost of different products.


There is a big difference in grades of nutritional supplements and medications. Almost all health products (available to the public) are manufactured with imported ingredients containing toxic metals, and virtually all of these so called "health" products are made using "food grade" ingredients.


While Food Grade ingredients are less expensive, are permitted by the FDA and are "acceptable" to most people, they do not and can not assimilate into the body as well, nor offer the purity or the "effectiveness" that may only be obtained by the Pure Grade ingredients,  free of impurities, that ever go into any Life Extension product.


We offer only our own products and maintain complete control every step of the way; from formulation and compounding, through manufacturing and bottling. Then, one must consider:



Certain vitamins and nutritional supplements actually deplete others, and many simply do not "work" or can cause harm, unless they are taken with exactly the correct amount of certain other supplements.


Just one example is Folic Acid, which (among many other things) has been proven to reduce homocysteine levels, thus reducing the chance of heart attacks. This news caused people to rush to their nearest health food store to buy (and take) Folic Acid. What many do not know is that taking Folic Acid will mask a vitamin B-12 deficiency, which if not caught and corrected, will result in megaloblastic (macrocytic) anemia, neuropathies and central nervous disorders.


Because of this, Folic Acid must always be taken with extra B-12 included. To do otherwise, would result in more harm than good. All our products are all formulated this way. Our Reports explain the reason for each formulation, exactly what each product does, and how it does it. Finally consider:


"Final Price"


The reason we do not offer our products for sale through distributors, franchises, or health food stores, is that we wish to maintain the integrity of our name and products and still be able to provide, by far, the best prices.


Members, and those taking advantage of our multiple unit discounted pricing get the best value possible. Better in fact than so called distributor pricing from the MLM companies, since such companies do not actually "make" anything.


Our policy of not advertising, avoiding multi-level pyramid type network marketing and offering our products directly to the consumer, avoiding sales people, distributors and all other middlemen, enables Life Extension to offer far superior products at a much lower price.

For example: Product 100 (one bottle of The Life Extension Formula) is a good deal at $35.95; and the Discounted Price for 4 bottles is  33.65 ea. But Members receive a  20% discount! Thus, a member ordering  buying 4 bottles of The Life Extension Formula only pays 26.92 a bottle. Quite a savings.


As ground shipping within the U.S. is the same regardless of the number of bottles, orders of multiples save even more.


We encourage you to compare the Unit Cost, Grade and Purity, and the Balance of our products with any and all others. They really are better in every way.


Please note that 800 Products, or products in our "Inner Circle" Catalogs, are not subject to Member Discounts.




We Are Pleased To Give Technical And Medical Information, Or Information On Product Use, Effects, Reported Results, Or even on Research Being Conducted In An Area You May Have Interest In.


To Eliminate The Possibility Of Someone Misconstruing Or Inaccurately Relaying Information, We Put It In Writing. Please Do Not Call Our Ordering Number For Information, Operators There Are Not Qualified To Answer Questions, Other Than Those Concerning An Order. For Information Please Write to the Address above (Attn: Customer Service Dept.) or e-mail us at [email protected]


By Keeping Your Letter, And Responding In Writing, There Is A Permanent Record Maintained Of All Correspondence, With The Name And Position Of The Person Who Wrote The Letter, Or Sent The Information.


Members of Life Extension  are entitled to unlimited support. They and/or  their physician may correspond with a Life Extension Physician or Medical Researcher that specializes in their area of interest, as often as they wish. They will receive prompt and complete answers to their inquires.


As we receive over 500 requests for information a  week,  We must limit the number of 'exchanges'  we offer as a Public Service, to those who are not  Members of Life Extension, as follows:

Two  replies to letters requesting Nutritional, Medical or Product  Information (including products not manufactured by Life Extension) and one reply to a specific request for information regarding a particular illness or treatment.  In that reply, we will also provide a free source of  information on the subject matter requested, whenever one is available.

We are sorry we cannot offer unlimited correspondence to everyone. We  had to set limits so our staff could find the time to reply to others, who may also be seeking information.

If you are a physician or research scientist, requesting specific medical information regarding any Life Extension product, send your e-mail to [email protected]


Some companies have salespeople called advisors to take orders and give information or advise. At Life Extension the people who answer phones are operators, and are prohibited from giving ‘advice’ or information other than the ingredients, price, shipping, or tracking of an order. Please do not call our ordering line for other information.




We are pleased to give medical information or advice on any health topic! But it’s in writing from a Physician or Scientist, qualified to give it. Not from someone who answers the phone and takes orders! True advisors will not try to sell you anything! They will give specific answers to specific questions. For Information please write or E-mail which is faster. Send E-mail to: [email protected]

PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUR ORDERING LINE FOR INFORMATION! The Operators are not qualified.  They Are Just Operators.  Put It In Writing. Please Write (E-mail is best). By Keeping Your Letter And Responding In Writing There Is A Permanent  Record Maintained Of  All  Correspondence,  With  The  Name  And  Position  Of  The  Person  Who  Wrote  The  Letter,  Or  Sent  The  Information. Send E-mail to: [email protected]

About On-Line Ordering

Our online ordering system and shopping cart are totally  secure, and there has never been even the slightest problem with anyone placing an order.

However, if you are concerned about sending credit card information over the internet, you may always call our ordering line 24 hours a day at 1-800-233-2330 or 561-593-5400 Some people simply mail their orders to:

Life Extension

P.O. Box 10

Loxahatchee, FL 33470-0010

Pet Lovers Note: In Addition To Specific Pet Products,  Products Preceded By  ž  Are Also For Pets.



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